Bicycling Advocacy Group Malta

Article 11- Subsidiary Legislation 65.25

Prohibited Areas

No cyclist (whether pedal powered, pedelecs or power-assisted) may ride in the following places:

However pedal cycles may be ridden, with prudence, on footpaths along bypasses, with a speed limit of not more than 6 kilometres per hour and giving way to pedestrians. In any case, small pedal cycles may be ridden on footpaths and promenades by children aged under twelve years.

Keeping to the left Rule

All cyclists shall keep to the nearside left of the road as possible in the direction of traffic except on the approach to an intersection.

Observance of traffic regulations

All cyclists have to abide and observe all traffic regulations. Therefore cyclists are expected to follow all regulations applying to all motorists, as long as such rules apply to them (Article 12).

More than one person on a bike

The general rule is that no more than one person should ride a single bike and it is an offence not to do so. However if the bike is adapted to carry more than one person, then this it is permissible (Article 13). Children under the age of 10 years may be seated on another person‚?Ts bike as long as s/he is a seated in a safety seat and the minor is also wearing a bicycle helmet.

Holding on to other Vehicles

It is an offence for all cyclists (whether pedal, pedelecs or power-assisted) to hold or attach his or her bike to any other vehicle that is in motion (Article 14).


No race may be organized in a public road, unless a permit is issued by the Malta Transport and the Commissioner of Police (Article 15).