Bicycling Advocacy Group Malta


The main legislation regulating cycling in Malta is Subsidiary Legislation 26 of Chapter 65 , which is a set of regulations that is known as the "Pedal and Low Powered Cycles Regulations"¯. This guide aims at explaining the complicated sections of this law.

These regulations are to be read in conjunction with the Highway Code. Although the highway code is influential, the highway code is NOT authoritative. This means that in case of any inconsistency between the law and the highway code, the law. Therefore the Highway Code only serves as a "best practice" tool-kit for motorists and cyclists.

Subsidiary Legislation (S.L.) 65.26 regulates a wide category of cycles, low power assisted cycles, mopeds, quad-bikes, bicycles powered by electric motors, electric wheelchairs, powered skateboards etc... However this guide has been written to advise pedal cyclists and pedelec cyclists only even though reference is occasionally made to low-powered assisted cycles. The applicable rules and regulations for pedal cyclists and pedelec bicycles can be found in the menu on the right.


It is important to point out that the current law categorizes pedelecs with power-assisted cycles (i.e., motorbikes) rather than with bicycles. This fails to comply with the EU directive 2002/24/EC, which categorizes them with bicycles.